THiNC. launches Validu Mobile Compliance Platform

Validu Biometric Compliance App is happy to announce the launch of Validu, a compliance application that uses biometric data to authenticate attendance. The company, who calls the system we developed “Your first line of security for expense reporting compliance,” came to us to develop not only the mobile application (iOS and Android), but the entire back-end as well.


We developed the mobile application to authenticate someone based on the phone’s innate abilities such as GPS, time & date stamp, etc. and adds multiple levels of bio-metric “keys” that help to ensure that when someone says they’re somewhere, they really are. For pharmaceutical companies, medical institutions, security systems, and logistical tracking industries are impacted by this innovative software.’s developers created a unique and proprietary system for Validu, that involves mobile applications, web portals, and custom software integration.


Matt Kavanaugh, our partner and CEO came to us to build the system. You can take a look at the website at and check out the app in the store.