System and Data Integration- E-Commerce from POS to Mobile

3 screenYour business systems may be disparate and distributed--which means that you have leveraged cost but now have a problem with efficiency. Simply put, your point-of-sale software and your mobile software were cheap but they don't play well together. Consider the solution to your problem. We have experience with integrating software into a centralized system that simplifies your workflow and allows you to collect data and conduct analysis on the actual processes in your business' eco-system. has created solutions such as University Bookstore, a Point-of-Sale (POS), E-Commerce, and mobile application platform designed for college bookstores.

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 Contact today by calling 855-932-9499 and get started on integrating your business! has built custom integration for Wolverine Water Treatment Systems, Inc. that includes management, assignment, and tracking of telemarketing and canvassing, to sales presentation and in-field contract transaction system.

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This software is a centralized business management system custom made to fit their unique specifications. Wolverine's employees can access a single portal to assign and track the operations. The sales representatives are able to accept leads, plot their routes, and show their product in the mobile application. The products can be added and the contract can be signed with authentication to the server, thus executing a contract through the application. 

Soon, those products that have been flagged for service will be able to use a companion application that will allow them to plot the most efficient use of time and give customers the most up to date arrival times. 

How can we work together? We have extensive experience in:

  • Point-of-Sale
  • Custom Centralized Business Management Systems
  • Dashboards and User Interfaces
  • User Account Control
  • Reporting
  • Messaging and Notifications
  • Data Visualization
  • System Analytics
  • Process Analytics
  • Sales Analytics
  • Customer Relationship Management Integration
  • E-Commerce
  • Payment Processing
  • Subscription Management
  • Membership
  • Catalogs
  • Suggestive Selling (Recommended, may be interested in)
  • Inventory Control
  • Shipping Integration
  • API Integration


Integrating your systems can result in running more efficient. Take the unnecessary steps out of your workflow, and save millions. We specialize in centralized systems that leverage technology innovations to automate wherever possible and improve every process. Let's start a conversation and we can show you how you can save time, money, and be a better prepared competitor for years to come.

Market share can depend on your efficiencies, and the best customer experience. Get the best User Experience (UX) and User Interfaces (UI) with experience with marketing, game design (gameificiation), and ecomonics informing design and development decisions. We can also work with your marketing company as we have staff with extensive national marketing experience and advanced degrees in communications and game design. can also work with you on your Predictive Algorithms, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and Artificial Intelligence. Please contact us today if you have a project requiring advanced computational programming or if you are interested in getting involved with our projects. We are accepting inquiries from partners and developers, as well as Angels and VCs are welcomed to reach out.

Contact today by calling 855-932-9499 and get started on integrating your business systems.

THiNC. artificial intelligence starts work on Artificial Intelligence

We have entered a brave new frontier-the time when machines can decide for themselves. Aritifical Intelligence, though not new, is currently undergoing a transformation in terms of use, market penetration, and development. We have been researching and working on artificial emotional intelligence for years, and now is starting development on a system that will enable AI systems to quickly, accurately, and efficiently interpret human emotion.

Tha's right folks, we're going to enable AI systems to "get the feelz" so to speak.

Our first algorithm, is informed by Craig Tucker's research at Michigan State Unversity as a doctoral student. His research is at the intersection of Communication and Computer Science. Here at, we've been modeling and creating the human-coded rubric for the new communications model. We've been researching NLP, neural-linguistics, parts-of-speech, bag-of-words (one of our favorite terms), machine learning, deep learning, AI and algorithm structure/function/theory until the cows come home. We now see sigmoids and API calls in our sleep! So we've been busy creating the databases, writing the first scripts of detector code, and deciding the final but critical questions of the Information Architecture in terms of scale and efficiency.

We have a lot of work ahead of us! 

Soon we'll be building the neural networks, testing against human coders, and feeding the beast corpus after corpus of information to fine-tune the algorithm. 

Craig is also joining a new research team focussing on cognitive neuroscience, and how the brain responds to communications and media stimuli. This will greatly help in creating models of future emotive informing algorithms and speed time to market. Bryan Novak, our CTO and Matt Yates, our Senior Developer have been working on and researching the advanced logic controller functions for the algorithm while the rest of the team handles their assigned tasks.

We'll be happy to bring you more updates as they come! Stay tuned to

THiNC. launches Validu Mobile Compliance Platform

Validu Biometric Compliance App is happy to announce the launch of Validu, a compliance application that uses biometric data to authenticate attendance. The company, who calls the system we developed “Your first line of security for expense reporting compliance,” came to us to develop not only the mobile application (iOS and Android), but the entire back-end as well.


We developed the mobile application to authenticate someone based on the phone’s innate abilities such as GPS, time & date stamp, etc. and adds multiple levels of bio-metric “keys” that help to ensure that when someone says they’re somewhere, they really are. For pharmaceutical companies, medical institutions, security systems, and logistical tracking industries are impacted by this innovative software.’s developers created a unique and proprietary system for Validu, that involves mobile applications, web portals, and custom software integration.


Matt Kavanaugh, our partner and CEO came to us to build the system. You can take a look at the website at and check out the app in the store.