went above and beyond in creating our company one of the most professional, thorough, and user friendly websites that I have ever seen. They worked along side me helping me to come up with just the right pieces of information that he needed to create our website. never made me feel less than because of my lack of technical knowledge, and was friendly and professional at every interaction. I am a recent cancer survivor, and have intense brain fog from my recent chemotherapy, and they were so patient even when I had to ask them the same question 3 or 4 times! As if all of this wasn't impressive enough, I have been unable to work due to treatment and complications from my cancer diagnosis, and therefore would have been unable to pay for my offered to provide our website and all the hours he has worked on it for free without missing a beat. Even with this donated service, he still treatment me like a valuable customer!! The level of quality of service that and the Foundry Web Design program provide is top tier, and I whole hardheartedly recommend them for all of your web designing needs!

-Amber Meyers

Our old site needed a major update and we're excited that we can now offer our audience a more streamlined experience! One of the priorities for success in our industry (IT Consulting) is highlighting our team's expertise. With our new site design and set of features, we're much better able to do this as well as present a digital face to our audience that better reflects our company and our brand.

E. Cullen

Thank you, thank you, thank you! That makes my Wednesday much better.

- H. Strieff

The team are first-class professionals. They have delivered everything they said on time and within budget. They have been attentive to my individual needs, which I feel has been reflected in the quality of the service they have delivered. They seem to genuinely care about the success of my business and are always responsive to my questions and requests.

- Ross Woodstock, Executive Coach

THiNC. went above and beyond to help with my app and game design. Not only did they provide first rate design suggestions, but also gave me valuable business advice, accompanied me to and hosted pitch meetings, and provided a demo version at a very reasonable price. I am very happy with the service provided and am now a loyal customer!

- Becky Palmer-Scott

It has been my extreme pleasure working & partnering up with some of the most dynamic minds in the field of Technology--they are both innovative and reliable. I enjoy working with the tremendous team of experts here at I am looking forward to our future endeavors.

- Tracey Gilliam

I am very excited (for my product launch), and thankful for your help!

- Len Renier

I had the pleasure of having write the entire copy for my website about a year ago. is very professional in articulating what I want future clients to know about my business! I have received nothing but compliments from clients on how clear, concise, and descriptive they were with their writing! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for professional copy for their website!

- Rodney Page