Mobile Application: Judgment Interest Calculator

Available on iTunes for Apple phones and tablets.

Attorneys for years have had to figure out the interest on judgments the hard way, by doing the math on the back of an envelope. Our friends at Legal Pad Apps came to us and asked if we could build something that could help. We asked a number of other counsels that is friends with all requested the same thing: "We need a way to figure this out;" and "We need a way to get the numbers we calculate to someone."

Hey, they might be onto something...

So we started working on the Judgment Interest Calculator (JIC) for both iOS and Android. The build was pretty straight forward, creating functions to perform the mathemenatical calculations needed to arrive at an accurate figure. Then we found that no one had built a solution for compiling results into a pre-formatted PDF that could be emailed.

Hey, we may be onto something... created the plugin for SendGrid and systems. We are using it in the JIC application, and we are proud to announce it's availabe on iTunes.

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Custom Software and Mobile Application: Gibson's University Bookstore Application

Remember shopping for textbooks for your college courses? I know, it's been a while for us too, but you probably won't recognize the process anymore. Recently, there has been significant changes to the ways in which students can get their books. Unfortunately, the book industry hasn't adopted to the way in which their customers (students) buy the books.

Gibson's University Bookstore has been serving the educational community for over 60 years. They are revolutionary in their field, having introduced book buy-backs and rentals. They are cutting-edge in terms of creating new innovations for their industry and to serve their students. So, it made them perfect partners with to create a new innovative solution for book buying and selling.

The new system includes an e-commerce website, complete with class lists and book lists for classes. The users can login using social media accounts such as Facebook, or if integrated with their school, simply using their student ID number. Here, administrators can browse titles and compare books to build class lists. Students can use the site to access their lists, and buy the books online.

Or, as is the most likely case...they'll use a mobile application. spent time conducting research on the market. We interviewed students, created and administered focus groups, and did a full analysis of the problem and its likely solutions. We found that students are using mobile for just about everything they do. So, any effective system would have to be mobile based. is creating a mobile application in which a student can login, find their books, and buy them in as few as three steps. We've greatly reduced the "transaction cost" on users to buy. The app features a buy-back technology that gives users a real-time quote for their books, based on supply and demand metrics that involve the local store and distributors. The app also allows students to scan their books for buy back, and a system in which printing labels and receipts get emailed to them upon successfully loading a book for sale.

Aimed at the college or textbook store, this system includes all of the functionality of an online retailer with the flexibility of a mobile application. Electronic material is distributed and purchased the same way as a physical textbook, making the application more future-proof. In addition, the system includes a Used Book Pre-Order system that will allow its users to find used book inventory that is available online in one convenient, and easy to use interface.

We've taken what the students, teachers, administrators and book sellers said they wanted and developed it into an application. Gibson's University Bookstore will launch first with the website, slated for the 1st of the year (2016). The mobile application is slated for launch in Spring 2016.

Mobile Application: Aural Brook

East Grand Record Company in East Lansing, MI had an idea. They wanted to create an application for musicians and creative artists that would benefit them, not just the distributor who doesn't do any of the creation but acts like a middle-man. Since this has long been a problem that has been working on solutions for, it was serendipitous that we got together. We'd been working on the mathematical models for the economics of crowdfunding and temporal exclusivity of media for one of our own products, and this seemed to be a great match.

Mark Voldeck, the CEO of East Grand Record Company has been working with to develop a revolutionary ecosystem for artists and other creatives, as well as a distribution system that they control. This allows for the customer, the fan, to get closer than ever before to the artists they care about. is developing this application for iOS and Android and plans to be releasing the application in Spring 2016.