Mobile Application: Aural Brook

East Grand Record Company in East Lansing, MI had an idea. They wanted to create an application for musicians and creative artists that would benefit them, not just the distributor who doesn't do any of the creation but acts like a middle-man. Since this has long been a problem that has been working on solutions for, it was serendipitous that we got together. We'd been working on the mathematical models for the economics of crowdfunding and temporal exclusivity of media for one of our own products, and this seemed to be a great match.

Mark Voldeck, the CEO of East Grand Record Company has been working with to develop a revolutionary ecosystem for artists and other creatives, as well as a distribution system that they control. This allows for the customer, the fan, to get closer than ever before to the artists they care about. is developing this application for iOS and Android and plans to be releasing the application in Spring 2016.