Mobile Application: Judgment Interest Calculator

Available on iTunes for Apple phones and tablets.

Attorneys for years have had to figure out the interest on judgments the hard way, by doing the math on the back of an envelope. Our friends at Legal Pad Apps came to us and asked if we could build something that could help. We asked a number of other counsels that is friends with all requested the same thing: "We need a way to figure this out;" and "We need a way to get the numbers we calculate to someone."

Hey, they might be onto something...

So we started working on the Judgment Interest Calculator (JIC) for both iOS and Android. The build was pretty straight forward, creating functions to perform the mathemenatical calculations needed to arrive at an accurate figure. Then we found that no one had built a solution for compiling results into a pre-formatted PDF that could be emailed.

Hey, we may be onto something... created the plugin for SendGrid and systems. We are using it in the JIC application, and we are proud to announce it's availabe on iTunes.

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